This goes out to all the readers in the non-German speaking areas of this little place called earth: no matter where you are or who you are, I appreciate the fact that you take your time and visit me virtually and read my words! Please consider paying my new hometown (home is where the heart is!) a real physically visit, too!

Let me tell you some facts that are good to know about the place I work.

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St. Lambert’s Church

"St. Lamberti"Foto: Florian Dubielczyk

„St. Lambert’s Church“ Photo: Florian Dubielczyk

75m above the Prinzipalmarkt high up in the tower of St. Lambert’s church, there is a little room just for one purpose: This is where the tower guards of the city watch over Muenster  since 1383.

St. Lambert’s  is the city’s Town- and Market-Church, standing dominating at the point where Prinzipalmarkt, Roggenmarkt and Alter Fischmarkt join (the old roads of the leading markets).

The architecture is a typical example of the late Gothic style of Westphalia, a so-called hall-church building. There are large size windows and the whole church exists as a great spacious hall. Built during the Hanse era, it shows the prosperity of the middle classes e.g. the mercantile people – and the Town Hall was built in the same century (14th century).

Since my family name is of french origin, I’m interested in the fact that many French dignitaries took refuge in Muenster during the French Revolution. At St. Lambert’s, French bishops celebrated mass in these times, and a famous French marshal (the Duke of Broglie) is laid to rest before the chancel.

These facts are taken from this book (in English!):

Josef Bergenthal: MÜNSTER. Curiosities and Treasures. With illustrations. Verlag Regensberg, Münster Westfalen 1969.

We have many things and places to visit besides St. Lambert’s Church, our City Guides will show you around and tell you everything about the Anabaptists whose  iron wrought cages still have their place on the tower (since 1536!) and the woman who spents her evenings standing guard on top of this same tower instead of doing the laundry by the current „Aa“ like any other good woman would do… huh? Uhm, we’re talking about Medieval Ages – keep that in mind if you ever talk to a Nightwatchman in Muenster! 😉

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All institutions speak other languages fluently – remember: Since 1648 Muenster is known as THE city of congress 😉
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